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Welcome to my visual arts page. I am very gradually uploading images of my work; photography, being easiest to digitize, is appearing first. A range of samples can be seen at deviantART.

I have been involved in the visual arts for most of my life, partly because of the influence of my grandfather who was himself an amateur painter. I am in many ways—especially in terms of technique—a traditionalist. Although digital art can be quite amazing, I still prefer to work with and look at actual objects made by human hands (with all their imperfections). Computers, however, are great tools which I obviously use for promotion and which are also helpful for trying out ideas.

As a painter I work mainly with "traditional" media (oil paints), techniques (Venetian and related techniques), and subject matter (portraits, landscapes, nudes)—though I also occasionally experiment with abstraction and surrealism.

For photography I still prefer film, almost always black-and-white. Although digital cameras have their uses, I still prefer the grain structure of film and the hand-on approach to making prints.