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In the past I have taught mainly college/university-level music classes (mostly on non-Western music) but within these have also discussed history, literature, and religion as relevant. Various topics I have experience and interest in teaching or lecturing on include: the early international music industry and the history of popular music; the relationship between music and literature, religion, and philosophy; European and American Romanticism; the culture of the ancient world (especially Asia); colonialism and nationalism; semiotics; philosophy (German idealism, critical theory, American pragmatism).

I have developed a number of unique classes. For descriptions of some of the courses I have taught or am prepared to teach, click on the titles below. If you are interested in seeing the syllabi, please contact me. Courses can be tailored to different student levels.

Bhakti Songs of South Asia

Histories of Musical Mobility

Introduction to American Romanticism: Emerson to Ellison

Introduction to British Romanticism

Introduction to Ethnomusicology

Introduction to Traditional Music

Introduction to Word and Music Studies: Case Studies from the UK and the US

Knowing about Music: Case Studies from Central and South Asia

Musics of Africa, the Middle East, and India

Musics of the World

The Order of the Universe in the Ancient World

Religion, Language, and Art in Ancient Asia

Research Paper Writing in the Humanities

Romanticism: Its Origin, Development, and Legacy